CEMIS – Разделно събиране на отпадъци – карта по общини. Кликнете върху избрана от Вас община за да се зареди карта с обектите за разделно събиране на отпадъци.CEMIS - Разделно събиране на отпадъци

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Pharmaceutical waste (medicines with expired sell-by date)

Solutions to pharmaceutical household waste

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Разделно събиране на…


National legislation related to waste management

Current provisions, amendments and additions to the legislation. Rights and obligations of citizens, local authorities, state institutions.

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Национално законодат…



Home composting in an apartment, compost zones, shared composters, etc. opportunities.

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Компостиране в домаш…

Ivan Petrov

Disused electrical and electronic equipment

Possibilities for transfer and transportation of obsolete machinery and equipment.

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Какво да правим със …

Ivan Petrov

Design and functionality of CEMIS

Discussions regarding the functionality and design of the platform

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Предложения за корек…

George Zashev